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    Are you tired from interviews to find the suitable employees ?
    Virtual Assistant
    - Virtual assistant will keep up with your new activities at work and publish it on your website and social accounts


Software - Design - Virtual Assistant

Why choose Us?

We make sure that we deliver you the following:
• Software development for your business including websites and applications.
• Up-to-the-minute technologies.
• Professional design to address your needs.
• Conducting advertising campaigns.
• Fastest servers with profound features.

Our Mission

• Keep following up with your software and its performance.
• Forever-lasting customer support and software maintenance.
• Improve and upgrade your software as your business grows.
• Provide thoughts and projects insights that may assist your business.
• Transfer your work from paper work into a running successful project.

What we do?

• Provide services for all our clients.
• Consistently update our measures and tools to keep up with up-to-date technologies.
• Make backups to keep your data safe and secure as encrypted data backup files.
• Give continuous technical support and maintenance.
• Provide thoughts, software consultancy and technical solutions for your business.


List of some features included in MAGENTA SOFT.


We offer custom software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project.

Responsive Layout

Web Desgin

A successful site should always be designed around aesthetics and usability, because good web design always has a positive impact on conversion. Guess what, this is a key feature in MAGENTA SOFT.

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Web Hosting

We can either host your websites on our private servers which have SSD storage system, high speed and unlimited bandwidth, or we can guide you to have your own hosting servers and guide you through the management process.

Mobile development

Android development

We customize, strategize, develop and deploy your ideas into mobile applications. We cater to our clients to develop high quality products by our expert Android team.

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Ios Development

Our iOS development team is always ready to develop high quality applications that work on iPhones and iPads to expand your audience to include Apple users.

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

Responsive websites that fit with mobile and tablet screens with a control panel to manage the website’s content.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

We provide skilled professionals that will manage your social media channels and website and provide translation services.

video motion

Motion Graphics

Responsive websites that fit with mobile and tablet screens with a control panel to manage the website’s content.

Visual vision

Visual vision

Overall visual identity to provide a touch of art on your project.



solution for your business

We offer software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project. Our team possess skills that assist you at every stage of your product development; from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement.

We have been refining our expertise across multiple solutions. Moreover, we are now able to achieve success and minimize risks your project might face.

Web Site

With years of experience in responsive design and customer satisfaction, we are confident to tell you that our team design websites that are both beautiful and very professional.
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Mobile Applications

We develop both Android and iOS applications to boost your business, provide efficient services and reach more clients in no time.

User Friendly

Beautiful views that are easy to use by all your clients.


For us, it is important to manage content and modify it to satisfy clients and address their needs.


Your application will use modern databases and APIs to store data.


Deploying your application on both google play and apple store.


We focus on creating applications in details, while considering all possibilities that may result in errors and fix them.


Design new ideas and solutions to make your applications better.

Our Works

Here is a shortened list of our website projects:

like video ?

Some of the Awesome VIDEOS we've worked on.

We got even more!

As we already said, we have created awesome mobile applications as well; here are some:


Mac Sunglasses


Mac Sunglasses



Some of the Awesome Great Starting Point team we've worked on.

Mac Sunglasses


Mac Sunglasses



What is Virtual Assistant?

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Do you need remote assistance from professionals to complete your technical tasks?

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Are you tired of interviews to find suitable employees?

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Do you have massive activities on your website or social media page?

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Personal assistant: a special service we provide for you.

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Virtual assistant provides help with your website, social media and designs like images and videos

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Virtual assistant will keep up with your new activities at work & publish it on your website & social accounts

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Saves a lot of time - always ready as and when needed.


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